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As it stands today, there is no doubt that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee for the GOP in 2024…just ask him.

He’s the only one technically in the race at the moment, for starters, but he’s also the former President with a vast number of supporters who believe that his exit from the White House was premature.

But that doesn’t mean that Trump is just going to cruise on to the nomination without having to tangle with a few opponents, and there is some pretty solid evidence that the field is filling up…albeit behind the scenes.

A new poll shows us just what a possible match-up could look like for Trump.

Former President Donald Trump is leading in the hypothetical 2024 Republican primary race among GOP voters, a recent survey from The Economist/YouGov found.


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The survey asked, “If you had to choose, who would you most prefer to be the Republican nominee for President in 2024?”

The answer was pretty clear.

Among Republicans, specifically, Trump leads with 36 percent support. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis comes in second with 30 percent support, followed by Donald Trump Jr. (9 percent), former Vice President Mike Pence (8 percent), and Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Ted Cruz, and former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, all of whom garnered three percent each. Another seven percent remain unsure:

Trump also has a two-point edge among all respondents, but 29 percent remain unsure across the board.

The former President has been taking shots at DeSantis in recent weeks, as the Sunshine State lawmaker continues to poll just behind Trump in a number of surveys.



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