BoA ‘De-Banks’ Whitmer Kidnap Conspiracy Documentarian


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) Journalist Christina Urso, who’s making a documentary about the 2020 plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor, announced Monday that Bank of America has closed her account without giving her any reason or warning.

“The ‘risk department’ has decided to close the account and these bastards want me to wait for a check to come on the mail with the account balance. They are literally holding my funds hostage right now. This is insane,” she said on Twitter.

The closure comes as Urso was about to take two trips to complete her reporting on the Gov. Gretchen Whitmer kidnap conspiracy—a case that involved numerous underhanded tactics by the FBI’s at least 12 undercover informants and agents.

Urso said that thankfully, she still has a separate account for the GiveSendGo donations her documentary has received. Nevertheless, Urso said she views the sudden account closure as political.

“This is clearly because of my documentary and my critical reporting,” said Urso, who’s been SWATTED, surveilled and de-platformed during the course of making her documentary, which is titled Kidnap and Kill: An FBI Terror Plot.

Bank of American publicists Matthew Card and Juan Soto did not respond to emails from Headline USA about Urso’s situation.

Bank of America has a documented history of working with the U.S. government to target political dissidents, such as when it provided a trove of data about January 6 protestors to the FBI—voluntarily and without a warrant.

The bank has also denied services to Christian charities, gun manufacturers, distributors, and sellers, fossil fuel producers and other service providers.

Republican AG Investigation

Last month, a coalition of 15 Republican attorneys general sent Bank of America a letter about its “de-banking practices.”

“Your discriminatory behavior is a serious threat to free speech and religious freedom, is potentially illegal, and is causing political and regulatory backlash,” the attorneys general told Bank of America in an April 15 letter.

“Your bank needs to be transparent with and assure us, its shareholders, and others that it will not continue to de-bank customers for their speech or religious exercise.”

The attorneys general gave Bank of America 30 days to provide a written report about their policies and practices, update terms of service, participate in the Alliance Defending Freedom’s Viewpoint Diversity Score Business Index, and support shareholder proposals protecting religious and political diversity.

The AGs didn’t say what they’ll do if Bank of America misses their deadline, which is tomorrow.

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