BORDER WARZONE: TX Nat’l Guard Installs 2 Miles of Razor Wire ⋆ If you want it done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. ⋆ Flag And Cross


In Texas, an ongoing humanitarian crisis is set to escalate in the coming weeks, forcing lawmakers into some rather unfortunate positions.

A massive migrant caravan of 40,000 or more travelers is organizing in Mexico, preparing to head north to an American border that is already inundated and overrun.  The federal government has been little to no help, despite desperate pleas from local lawmakers for assistance.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is now taking the matter into his own hands, commanding the Lone Star State’s National Guard into action.

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While most families across the country celebrated the extended Christmas holiday weekend, members of the Texas National Guard built more than two miles of razor-wire border fencing near El Paso. Texas Governor Greg Abbott deployed the Guardsmen under Operation Lone Star to build the barriers after the City of El Paso declared a disaster as migrants surged across the border.

The Texas Military Department tweeted a video on Christmas Day showing the National Guard building a triple-strand concertina barrier “to secure the area from illegal crossings.”

The task was rather poignant.

“They’re focused on deterrence, they’re focused on sending a message that unlawful crossings is not an option,” General Burkett stated. “You’ve got to go to the POE (Port of Entry).”

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The general described the logistics of the operation with the Texas Air National Guard airlifting 400 soldiers and equipment to El Paso in four C-130 aircraft on Saturday morning.

The move comes just weeks after the federal government demanded that Arizona remove a section of border wall that local leaders voted to install.

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