Chris Cuomo Says He’s Vaccine-Injured


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who was one of the country’s leading coronavirus propagandists in 2020, now says he’s been injured by the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cuomo, now a host for News Nation, revealed his alleged injury during a segment discussing a New York Times article about the COVID-19 vaccine. According to that article, more than 13,000 vaccine-injury compensation claims have been filed with the federal government as of April—to little avail.

“Only 19 percent have been reviewed. Only 47 of those were deemed eligible for compensation, and only 12 have been paid out, at an average of about $3,600,” the Times reported.

Reacting to that article, Cuomo interviewed Shaun Barcavage, a New York nurse who was also allegedly injured by the vaccine.

During the interview, Barcavage told Cuomo about how he felt tingling in his face after taking the first vaccine dose. Against his better judgement, he took a second dose—leading to a total health breakdown, he said.

“As a research nurse practitioner, I thought after if I was injured people would be there to help me. I got no answers, no one wanted to discuss it,” he said.

“I sent my blood work to Germany, where scientists were more interested in helping than the ones in my own country. The testing showed I developed autoantibodies … it looked like I had long COVID, even though I never had COVID.”

Barcavage said he believes his problems were ignored because the New York medical community didn’t want to make people afraid of taking the vaccine. But the ensuing censorship and propaganda has backfired, making the public even more hesitant of vaccines as a result, he said.

“They’re afraid by showing my face they’ll drive vaccine hesitancy. But the censorship of it is fueling vaccine hesitancy. If government admitted these were novel vaccines … the citizens would have appreciated that. Instead, they suppressed me,” he said.

Cuomo then told Barcavage about his own struggles.

“I’m sick myself, but I’m working with people who ware working on this. You may be ahead of me. I’ll hook you up with my clinicians,” he said. “But I will never stop reporting on this. I’m beating the drum on: You need a 9/11-style commission on what worked and what didn’t, because it’s not over.”

Cuomo’s claims, of course, should be taken with a grain of salt. The disgraced news anchor infamously claimed that he defeated COVID-19 in mid-2020 through willpower and breathing exercises.

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