CNN Guest Suggests Trump Be Put on House Arrest


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman suggested on Apr. 23, 2024, that the judge who is overseeing Donald Trump’s trial should place him under house arrest with an ankle bracelet until he changes his behavior by acting like a “good boy.”

Trump is under a gag order that prohibits him from making statements regarding witnesses, prosecutors other than the district attorney, court staff, their families and prospective jurors, the Daily Caller reported. Prosecutors also said that Trump breached the gag order multiple times.

Judge Juan Merchan held a hearing on Apr. 23, 2024, to determine if Trump has violated the order, with Akerman saying on CNN News Central that Merchan should confine Trump to his house for two weeks, only permitting him to go to and from the trial in a New York courthouse until he ends the alleged breaches.

“If I were the judge, what I would do is I would give him two weeks of home confinement with an ankle bracelet so that he could not go anywhere other than to and from court with the proviso if he’s a good boy in those two weeks and he doesn’t violate the gag order, we can take off the ankle bracelet,” he said.

Akerman then added that this would give Trump “an incentive to clean up his act.”

“That’s what I would do. That would give him an incentive to clean up his act because if he wants to get out there and campaign or do anything besides going to this trial on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, this would be a major incentive for him to clean up his act.”

A court filing revealed that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg recently advocated for Merchan to threaten Trump with 30 days in jail if he breaches the gag order in the future. He also urged Merchan to hold Trump in contempt for previous alleged violations.


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