DOJ Takes Aim at State Officials Over 2020 Trump Communications ⋆ The new Special Counsel is staying busy, it seems. ⋆ Flag And Cross


Joe Biden’s Justice Department continues to gather evidence against his likely 2024 campaign opponent, former President Donald Trump, in what could be one of the strangest story arcs in the history of American politics.

The DOJ has already been hard at work shadowing the January 6th select committee, and now it appears that they are interested in digging deeper into then-President Donald Trump’s communications with state-level officials around the time of the 2020 election.

Special counsel Jack Smith has sent grand-jury subpoenas to local officials in Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin — three states that were central to former president Donald Trump’s failed plan to stay in power following the 2020 election — seeking any and all communications with Trump, his campaign and a long list of aides and allies.

The requests for records arrived in Dane County, Wis.; Maricopa County, Ariz.; and Wayne County, Mich., late last week, and in Milwaukee on Monday, officials said. They are among the first known subpoenas issued since Smith was named last month by Attorney General Merrick Garland to oversee the Jan. 6 Capitol attack case as well as the criminal probe of Trump’s possible mishandling of classified documents at his Florida home.

All three states indicated that they were prepared to comply with the subpoena.


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“I’m happy to participate in this process,” said George Christenson, the Milwaukee clerk, who confirmed the subpoena in a telephone interview Tuesday and provided a copy to The Washington Post.

The subpoena asks for communication with Trump and his campaign, including several key allies.


Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell confirmed receiving a similar subpoena.

“I am not aware of any significant communications that have not already been made public,” said McDonell, whose county encompasses Madison, the state capital.

Fields Moseley, a spokesman for Maricopa County, said, “We have received a subpoena and will comply.”

Donald Trump has repeatedly suggested that the 2020 election was rigged against him, but was unable to provide sufficient evidence of those claims in the court system prior to Joe Biden’s inauguration.


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