Effective Rebuke to Head Of State Joe Biden from Prophet Jonathan Cahn ⋆ onathan Cahn delivers his 12-minute address to Joe Biden with a purposeful and also scathing rebuke for … ⋆ Flag As Well As Cross


The title of this write-up began as “Powerful Message to Head Of State Joe Biden …”, yet that would not be an accurate summary of what is plainly a rebuke. Jonathan Cahn supplies his 12-minute address to Joe Biden with an intentional and also pungent rebuke for all the Head of state has done given that taking the oblong office, however a lot more so, for the recent signing of the misnomer described as the “Respect for Marriage Act”.

Jonathan is the author of the Precursor as well as the manufacturer of the now famous Harbinger one and two video clip collection. He is recognized as one of America’s crucial prophetic voices. Cahn supplies a broad range of admonitions, teachings and also biblical prophetic updates on his very own YouTube network.

The diversity and complete extent of his Scriptural background is mirrored in the variety of uncommon titles on his YouTube web page such as, but not limited to …

The Arc of Baal in Washington D.C.


Large Migrant Caravan Marches Towards United States with LGBT Flags Flying as Mexican President Snubs Biden at Top

America and also the Rise of Paganism

Dekak the Smasher

The Technological Beast

The Precursor of Children

Prediction of Jeremiah and Pandemic

The Old Mystery Behind Hillary Clinton’s Failure

In 2012 I had the distinct satisfaction of speaking with Joseph Farah of WND (previously Globe Net Daily), back then Cahn was President of ‘Hope of the Globe Ministries’ and also Senior Pastor of the ‘Jerusalem Facility/ Beth Israel, which lies in Wayne, New Jacket.

Farah produced Cahn’s effective video release of “Isaiah 9:10 prophecy” which is based on Cahn’s best vendor The Harbinger. Farah is the Ceo of among America’s earliest online Christian and news websites. They have actually been harassed and tainted by large technology nearly from the start and also to now are remaining to fight the onslaught of resistance and also fight hurled at them by the large technology liberal media. But for all the flak, WND is still rated as one of the top web sites worldwide today.

Jonathan Cahn has actually taken his prophetic ministry to a brand-new level with “The White House Apostasy”– it is intended directly at Head of state Joe Biden as well as accuses him of dropping away from his proclaimed Christianity and leading the nation right into a deep state of apostasy, otherwise understood biblically as the dropping away. It is the …


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