Gen. Flynn: To My Friends and also Fellow Citizens


There are so many stories of private survival, but this is not one of them.

Lots of months ago, I fulfilled a beautiful girl that was dealing with phase 4 papillary thyroid cancer cells, which affects her throat as well as voice. She never ever allow on she had it, nor demonstrated by any kind of stretch that she was a victim. Rather, she showed those people around her what it suggests to have real strength. She likewise has a stunning voice and also conveniently shares it with target markets to inspire as well as inspire, in spite of handling a serious disease. She is the taken on child of a Flying force master sergeant and also a naturalized united state person.

Her name and her tale are one and the same: “Miracle.”

Like Wonder’s story, our country’s survival tale has its own weave. I sometimes ask yourself just how our nation will certainly endure the attack when there is little regard for God, authority, our flag and also respect itself. There has actually never ever been such a time as this.

Let us recall the days of the awful battle with Vietnam and the turmoil and also discontent in our precious country. About 50,000 were eliminated at work and many more returned with seen and also hidden injuries. As in all battles, many red-blooded Americans whose hearts defeat red, white as well as blue hung on for those who had actually lost their way in the battle royal of the crisis in your home. They remained real to what was right, great as well as respectable, and also America remained on program.


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There are countless battles to be combated, as well as evil still needs to be defeated all over the world on far-off shores. While there are lots of men and women ready to risk their lives to make sure that wickedness does not involve our coasts, instantly what we believed abstruse in our lifetimes has arrived.

We now have a duty to them as well as to ourselves to stand up right below, at home, for the very same reasons we once believed would just be located on remote coasts. It was as soon as stated that a man (or woman) that means nothing will succumb to anything.

While I comprehend the idea of not wishing to offend others, there comes a time when the grey area between right and wrong should form at least a slim black line. We each have to …


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