New Banking Woes: Gold Becomes The Go-to Investment


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Have you wondered why nobody in government or corporate media seems too concerned about the massive economic turmoil happening all around us?

You’re not alone.

The writing on the wall couldn’t be more crystal clear, yet the people who are supposed to be addressing the problems as well as those supposed to be reporting on them seem determined to keep their heads in the sand in hopes that we won’t pay attention.

Some of us are.

We can look at all of the various threats facing our economy, but there’s one in particular that is getting next to zero coverage.

The silent rise of the “Digital Dollar” is making this Central Bank Digital Currency a near certainty. At this point it’s not a question of if, but when.

They are already testing it today. Some analysts believe we will see it in part before the end of the year. They anticipate it will be mandated before the 2024 election.

There are pressing issues that are keeping our attention today. Between the debt ceiling battle, rampant inflation, and the ongoing banking collapse, it’s understandable that most Americans aren’t looking years or even months ahead to address the threat of the Digital Dollar.

Thankfully, one company is ahead of the curve and preparing Americans by protecting their retirement with properly formed self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals.

The world-class experts at Genesis Precious Metals are ready to help you with a tax-free rollover.

They’ll help you select the best physical precious metals to back your account.

Most importantly, they’ll work with you to have disbursements sent discreetly to your home when the time comes.

Unlike many of the assets currently in your retirement accounts, the government won’t be able to “turn off” your physical precious metals with the click of a button once the Digital Dollar is in full swing.

Learn more by requesting your free, definitive gold guide offered exclusively by Genesis Precious Metals.

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