Op-Ed: The Democratic Party Has Gone Rogue


It’s a troubling part of our fallen human nature that we all find it so hard to say simply and honestly, “It was a mistake. I’m sorry!”

Instead, we double down and go to extraordinary lengths to try to prove that we were right.

Perhaps this unfortunate quirk in our nature explains the current kerfuffle over the curiously imprudent authorization of the 10-hour ransacking of the private home of former President Donald Trump.

A sincere apology from Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray might have corrected the mistake. But it’s clear now that there is something more than a stubborn mistake here. There is intent to deceive — intent to implicate an ex-president in the criminal retention of top-secret documents.

Both Garland and Wray have opted to continue brazenly to try to justify their cooperation in an ill-conceived plot against a political opponent by the political party in power, a party that now resembles more an oligarchy than the original Democratic Party.


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The U.S. is now a tarnished republic where once-honorable institutions have become the instruments of the corrupt oligarchy in power.

When the party in power goes rogue…

The Democratic Party leaders’ incessant anti-Trump attacks as routine party politicking must stop.

The reprehensible “Russia Russia” collaboration, the two mocked-up impeachments, the insidious Mueller probe and now this raid on the private home of a former president of the United States of America — it all adds up to tyranny, not justice.

Is the federal government becoming more authoritarian?

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Such partisan abuse of the justice system violates the principles of honesty and fairness that make a constitutional republic workable. When the party in power goes rogue, a constitutional republic crumbles.

Breaking the law to defame an opponent

The upper echelons of the Democratic Party have resorted to totalitarian measures like launching Stormtrooper-style raids to discover something or anything that might discredit or destabilize a political opponent.

The real scandal is that this unlawful abuse was plotted and executed just three months before important midterm elections in which the ruling…


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