REPORTS: Russia Could Mobilize 2M, 300K Women, as Putin Steps Down ⋆ Something certainly appears to be up at the Kremlin this week. ⋆ Flag And Cross


It is becoming a bit obvious that Russia’s war in Ukraine isn’t going nearly as planned.  In fact, the whole debacle is ostensibly off-the-rails at this point, with the eastern European nation now even considering snatching Crimea back, nullifying Russia’s illegal 2014 annexation.

So, what is the Kremlin going to do?  Their first mobilization of 300,000 civilians doesn’t seem to have stemmed the tide of Ukrainian victory, and so it appears that they may just beat their figurative head against the metaphorical wall once again, and send ever more Russian civilians to act as cannon fodder in the grain fields of eastern Europe.

Speculation is swirling in Russia that Vladimir Putin will soon demand a massive new mobilization drive in a desperate effort to halt calamitous defeats to Ukraine. This comes despite Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warning Moscow that it must withdraw from all occupied territories if there is to be any lasting resolution to the war.

And then, in an even wilder rumor…

It’s also been predicted that such a move could be a diversion tactic for Putin to step down and hand over power, with the leader reportedly suffering ill health in recent months. Today, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov (pictured) denied the Kremlin warmonger would make an imminent announcement. ‘Media information about Putin’s address, which allegedly will announce the “mobilization of the country” is not true,’ said Dmitry Peskov.


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There were even rumors that women would be sent to fight in Ukraine.

One version is that he could draft up to two million — including 300,000 women — in an attempt to turn the war into a national crusade. The move is likely to be coupled with martial law in key cities, including Moscow, say Russian sources. Such a scenario might act as political cover enabling him to hand over power in the event of worsening health, say some observers convinced he is terminally ill — despite regular recent appearances, including foreign travel to Armenia.

Putin’s cancer rumors have swirled for months now, with even some reported sources at the Pentagon discussing his diagnosis anonymously with journalists.


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