Russia Now Executing Its Own Soldiers For … ⋆ Barbarians. ⋆ Flag And Also Cross


It has been horribly apparent that Russia’s military is not what the world thought it to be before the invasion of Ukraine.

Fueled by Hollywood’s completely frightening depiction of the Cold Battle Soviet Union, (and then a healthy and balanced dosage of Russian bad guys in flicks that came later on), much of the world believed that Ukraine would be merely and also promptly stomped by Vladimir Putin’s troublemakers.

What they saw instead were frightened teenagers running around with rusty AK-47’s and riding in 70-year old containers that would weep on the phone with their mommies once they were quickly caught by Ukrainian troops.

With spirits remaining to drop, the Russian military is now taking a remarkable and cruel action.

A captured Russian soldier has actually said he witnessed the implementation of his fellow troops after they showed anxiety on the battlefield in Ukraine.


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After his meeting began to flow on Ukrainian Telegram networks, independent Russian information outlet Nestka identified the individual as Vladislav Izmailov, a 26-year-old previous found guilty from the city of Samara in Russia’s southwest.

Before exposing his experience on the front line, Izmailov claimed he wished to give an interview due to the fact that he “decided to tell the whole truth.”

He stated “every little thing ended up being different” when he and his fellow soldiers arrived in Ukraine after a two-week training program.

“They stated the fatality rate was low. However in fact, the mortality price is very high. Couple of remain alive, as well as it will be challenging to make it via these 6 months to life, “said Izmailov.

Then came the most disturbing details:

When continued the records that Russian guys are being implemented if they try to desert their placements on the front line, Izmailov stated he observed the fatalities of two soldiers in his unit after they showed anxiety in fight.

“In the very first attack, I was the 2nd group. The discharge group was ahead of me. There were two people there who were just terrified. Weapons worked. They were scared– [their] first time in the battle. And then these 2 were ‘nullified’ at the base,” Izmailov said.

“They were digging their own tomb, they were simply shot and buried.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been a failure already, but reports such as this make sure …


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