Schaftlein Report | Trump Support Cratering on Electability Issue ⋆ Flag And Cross


1) Title 42 Ends Wednesday. Mainstream Media finally reporting on the CRISIS.

1A) El Paso in crisis. City declares state of emergency

1B) Biden has tried to end Trump’s Remain in Mexico Policy but a federal judge has said NO.

1C) Denver mayor declares state of emergency when only 650 illegals arrive.


Massive Migrant Caravan Marches Toward US with LGBT Flags Flying as Mexican President Snubs Biden at Summit

2) Bankman – Fried agrees to waive extradition. Still in Bahamian jail.

2A) Prosecutors looking at political donations

3) Sen. Manchin dodges question on if he will leave Democratic party and be an Independent. while trying to move a Natural gas pipeline

forward that was stalled in the senate. Democrats voted 40-10 against him.

3A) Coal use is at a record high globally

4) Trump backs McCarthy and says 5 Conservatives should stand down.

4A) Trump’s NFT is ridiculed by Republicans but sells out at $99 for 44K units.

5) Twitter story unfolds as FBI was in constant contact with Twitter officials.

5A) Musk loses Twitter poll to remain CEO


Schaftlein Report | Trump Support Cratering on Electability Issue

5B) Conservatives previously banned return to Twitter

6) Goldman Sachs to lay off 4K employees

7) New England loses on one of the dumbest plays in NFL history. Beyond stupid

7A) Mike McCarthy blows game and Dallas loses on interception to Jacksonville. I’ll explain the poor coaching.

7B) Washington is a victim of 1 questionable call and 1 terrible officiating calls at the end of the game on a non pass interference call. How is this missed?

7C) Colts blow 33-0 lead in worst collapse in NFL history

8) Mark Levin calls for special prosecutor to investigate the Biden Family and Joe Biden specifically.

9) ,Illinois ends cash bail. Judges now decide.

10) Congratulations to Argentina for winning World Cup!



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