Soros Chooses American Airwaves as His New Target


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) It was revealed that an investment firm founded by billionaire George Soros is preparing to ramp up its influence in the broadcasting industry all around the United States.

Sources that are familiar with Soros Fund Management (SFM), which is controlled by Open Society Foundations (OSF), told Semafor that the organization has made multiple high-profile media acquisitions over the past two years and is in discussions to purchase even more, while other Soros’s mass media puppets are being shut down.

OSF, a network of nonprofits Soros founded in 1984, has spent billions funding leftist organizations all around the world, its website stated. In addition to that, since 1984, Soros himself spent more than $32 billion on spreading the far-left propaganda.

SFM began its recent string of media purchases in 2022 by investing an undisclosed amount into Crooked Media, a popular leftist podcast network, according to the Daily Caller.

Lakestar Finance, an investment firm where Soros Fund Management serves as the “principal investment manager,” also gave $60 million to Latino Media Network so that it would purchase 18 Spanish-language radio stations operating across the U.S., among which was the conservative Radio Mambí in the state of Florida, the New York Post reported.

Some of the hosts on these Spanish-speaking radio stations left their shows because they disagreed with leftist editors who were hired by the organization after the purchase, the news source added.

The Soros network started buying podcasts and radio stations in February 2024 when SFM acquired over $400 million worth of debt owed by Audacy, the nation’s second-largest network of radio stations that is based in Texas.

Since then, the debt has been converted into equity as part of a corporate restructuring plan, which made SFM one of Audacy’s largest shareholders.

Semafor also reported after talking to the three people who have been involved in discussions with Soros executives that these acquisitions could be part of a larger push to cement control over audio-based media.

In addition to that, SFM privately discussed acquiring Cumulus Media, a radio network that operates 403 networks and reaches a quarter of a billion people every month, the Caller reported.


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