Top Secret Military Puppy Twist Watch Exposed! US Army Col. Postures in Uniform with “Dog Face mask”


Look, I couldn’t care less if getting in touch with adults carry out … well, everything that satisfies all of them (supposing no one else is actually unwillingly injured in the course of these acts. and are old) in the personal privacy of their very own property or even nightclub.

NEVERTHELESS, every little thing has an opportunity and a spot and also our military is actually no spot for this kind of sex-related evil … or any type of sex/depravity whatsoever.

Not just is this taking place inside the military, it’s visible and also obviously bragged about …

The intrepid Christina Laila of The Entrance Expert reported:

* Caution: Specific images *

A secret group of “doggies” and also “pup users” in the US armed force have been exposed after some soldiers spoke out and really did not prefer a coverup anymore.

United States Soldiers Col. Brian Connelly without doggie hide United States Military Col. (Ret) Brian Connelly

along with dog mask in even The identity of “PupRavage “is Col. Brian Connelly(ret)of INDOPACOM. Connelly is heavily associated with the” puppy twist”community in Hawaii and also possessed a connection along with a junior who also takes part in”doggie twist.”As many have appropriately noted …

It’s Col. Brian T. “Connelly” (ret.), not “Donnelly.”

The automotive appropriate was actually not observed.

Accounts continually provide the correct punctuation.

— NOVA Campaigns (@NoVA_Campaigns) December 9, 2022

Connelly used his pup face mask in military areas.

Connelly remained in a sex-related relationship with CPT Dayton Tenney, a fellow Military doggie in Hawaii.


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