TSA Takes Invasive New Technology Nationwide ⋆ Great. Just what we need: Another thing to slow down the line at security. ⋆ Flag And Cross


For many Americans, the TSA has become little more than a symbol of security theater and bureaucracy.  Some blue-shirted mall-cop in a place where they don’t call your parents when they catch you, they call the feds.

And so, naturally, they’ve become a bit of a nuisance to the liberty-minded American, who also doesn’t appreciate being subjected to arbitrary searches and scans.

Despite this, the TSA presses on into the dystopian future that their jobs depend on, as they move to bring facial recognition technology to airports around the country.

The Transportation Security Administration has been testing facial recognition technology as an option for travelers at select U.S. airports for years, touting it as a way to speed up identity verification at security.

But now, the federal agency is poised to implement the system nationwide, causing alarm for privacy advocates and other critics who say the facial scanning systems bring a flurry of concerns.


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The screenings, dubbed “Credit Authentication Technology with Camera,” now known as CAT-2, were rolled out by the Department of Homeland Security in 2017 as part of a pilot program, and involve scanning fliers’ faces at the TSA checkpoint and comparing the images to the travelers’ documents such as their driver’s licenses or passports.

The machine are already out there in select areas.

Since then, the biometric system has expanded to 16 U.S. airports, and travelers are starting to notice.

The Washington Post recently reported on the issue “after hearing concerns” from “readers who encountered face scans while traveling.” The outlet learned from an interview with Jason Lim, who runs the TSA’s facial recognition program that the agency “hopes to expand it across the United States as soon as next year.”

The TSA, which is credited with stopping roughly zero terror attacks during their existence, continues to expand their invasive agenda, despite no evidence to suggest such a necessity.



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