Useless Reform: One-Year-Old Recovering From Gunshots In The Biggest Anti-Gun


It’s a heartbreaking story that is becoming all too common in Oakland, California – a one-year-old girl was hit by a bullet while riding in a car with her parents.

The 15-month-old was struck by gunfire inside a red sedan as her parents drove through the city at around 6:15 p.m., KNTV reported. The child is recovering and is in stable condition at UCSF Children’s Hospital, according to an update from NBC.

Shot-locating technology alerted police to the incident’s location just a few blocks away from a fire station, Oakland Police told KGO. The parents pulled the red Honda into the station, where firefighters helped treat the child for a bullet wound in her stomach before ambulances arrived, the Oakland Fire Department said, according to the outlet.

“I just heard a lot of screaming outside so we just went out. There was like three girls and one man,” eight-year-old witness Ali Farahan, said.

“It was very painful because I have a sister and I don’t want that to happen to her,” Farahan’s brother, Abdul, stated, according to the outlet.

The incident is the latest example of the rising crime rate in Oakland, a city that has been on the decline for years, with little to no help from the state government.

Politicians, particularly those on the left, have long been in denial about the abysmal state of crime in their cities, with Oakland being no exception. The Oakland Police Department has been highly criticized for its lack of resources, which has only further contributed to the crime problem.

In addition, California’s gun control laws are among the strictest in the country, but nothing has been done to stop the growing number of shootings and gun-related crimes.

Shocker, criminals don’t follow the rules.

According to Democrats, disarming law-abiding citizens could prevent tragic crimes like this but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything to help Oakland…

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