16 Dems Side with GOP in Condemning Biden’s Aid Blockade to Israel


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) The House of Representatives passed legislation Thursday to block President Joe Biden from controversially withholding U.S. aid from Israel as it confronts Gaza.

Notably, the bill received the surprising support of 16 Democrats.

The legislation, named the Israel Security Assistance Support Act, was prompted by Biden’s decision to block congressionally approved U.S. aid to the Jewish state earlier this month.

This action is seen by some as potentially constituting an impeachable offense, drawing parallels to the Democratic precedent set during the 2020 impeachment of former President Donald Trump. 

In a tweet from 2019, Biden himself criticized Trump for allegedly withholding “Congressionally appropriated aid” to Ukraine in exchange for political favors, calling for his impeachment.

Biden’s decision to withhold aid coincided with mounting political concerns about a potential Israeli invasion of Rafah. 

Rafah is the southern city in Gaza where a majority of Palestinians sought refuge after a military operation launched by the Jewish state following Hamas’s Oct. 27 terrorist attack, aimed at rescuing hostages and cracking down on terrorists. 

Following the initial move of several Democrats who wrote a letter to the White House urging the expedited shipment of U.S. aid to Israel, a notable number of them later crossed the aisle to support the Republican-led Israel Security Assistance Support Act. 

The bill mandates the prompt delivery of approved defense aid to Israel, condemns the Biden administration’s blockade of aid, reaffirms Israel’s right to self-defense against Hamas and requires the federal government to issue detailed reports on any future blockage of aid. 

The 16 Democrats who voted for the bill include Reps. Matt Cartwright, Pa.; Angie Craig, Minn.; Henry Cuellar, Texas; Don Davis, N.C.; Lois Frankel, Fla.; Jared Golden, Maine; Josh Gottheimer, N.J.; Greg Landsman, Ohio; Jared Moskowitz, Fla.; Frank Pallone, N.J.; Mary Sattler Peltola, Alaska; Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, Wash.; David Scott, Ga.; Darren Soto, Fla.; Thomas Suozzi, N.Y.; and Ritchie Torres, N.Y. 

Biden has stated his intention to veto such a bill if it reaches his desk. Consequently, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has indicated that he will not bring the bill to the Senate floor.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., called out both Schumer and Biden’s threats against the bipartisan legislation:


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