18-Year-Old Republican Elected to County Council in Maryland: ‘It’s Not About Age, It’s About Results’ ⋆ Flag And Cross


An 18-year-old Republican community college student will be joining the Frederick County Council next year after winning his election by the largest margin of anyone running for an open council seat on Tuesday.

With 100 percent of the vote counted, unofficial election results reported by the Maryland State Board of Elections had Mason Carter over Democratic opponent Julianna Lufkin by a margin of more than 2-to-1.

Lufkin conceded her defeat gracefully.

“The voters in Frederick County’s District 5 have chosen Mason Carter to represent them on the Council,” she wrote on Facebook. “I wish Mason all the best.”


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Lufkin began a post in the Emmitsburg News-Journal website in February by giving her age — it was literally the first thing she said about herself after giving her name — but Carter, who described himself on Twitter as “Pro-Trump. Pro-freedom. America first,” said that age wasn’t relevant to the race.

“Everyone knows I’m young,” Carter told WTTG. “It’s easy to use the old adage as a crutch when you get older — that age is just a number … When we talked to people at their door, at events, on the street. Age didn’t come up.

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“It’s not about age, it’s about results,” he added. “That’s what we wanted.”

The county district for which Carter and Lufkin competed had been held by council Vice President Michael Blue, according to The Frederick News-Post, a Republican. Carter defeated Blue in the June primary to win the Republican nomination for the seat.

Blue later endorsed Carter in the race.

“Along with lowering the property tax, Carter supported cutting money in the budget for county employees’ salaries and benefits,” The News-Post reported. “Lufkin, a self-employed homeschool teacher, caterer and blacksmith, supported increasing transportation options for the northern part of the county.”


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