2017 Letter Found on Hunter Laptop Shows Family Undermining Trump ⋆ The letter is just as sleazy as you’d expect. ⋆ Flag And Cross


Once again, Hunter Biden’s “laptop from Hell” is back in the news, and it’s giving us a rather intimate look at the way the Biden family operates on the world’s stage.

Back in 2017, as Donald Trump was tearing through the status quo of DC, (and draining the DC swamp while he was at it), the Bidens were busy undermining the Commander in Chief’s work.

A letter on Hunter Biden’s infamous abandoned laptop shows the Biden family pursuing a deal with Qatar, undermining the Trump Administration and appearing like an effort at a shadow foreign policy.

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The letter — retrieved from the “Laptop from Hell” by Congressman Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) office after being in a previously unreadable format — shows James Biden, President Biden’s brother, making an overture to an associate of Qatari Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohammed Al Thani.

The content was just as sleazy as it sounds.

They say, “my family could provide a wealth of introductions and business opportunities at the highest levels,” despite unfavorable policies of the “fractured” and “beleaguered” then-Trump administration for Qatar.

The letter, dated August 1, 2017, to be relayed to the Sheikh, criticizes the Trump administration as having a “fractured nature” and as being “beleaguered by major issues that are not soon to be resolved” — offering to help in “effectuating the vision” of the Sheikh.

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“I would be honored to assist in effectuating the vision of His Excellency but would be remiss in not pointing out the fractured nature of our current administration,” the missive begins.

Hunter Biden is currently being investigated by the Department of Justice, in a probe that appears to be bearing enough fruit to see him charged with a crime.

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