2020 EIection Fraud & “2000 Mules” EXPOSED– Election Traffickers IDENTIFIED!!


Correct the Ballot’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips participated in Switching Point United States creator as well as manager director Charlie Kirk for a job interview final Thursday.

They released never-before-released relevant information on the vote-casting scams from 2020. They likewise disclosed who led the charge to stop True the Vote coming from examining the vote-casting. It was actually RINO Gov Brian Kemp. They also exposed that tally farmers coming from 2018 were also election harvesting in the 2020 political election.

Throughout their eruptive job interview along with Charlie, Kirk Catherine and also Gregg went down several bombs, featuring:

** The NRSC was testified of citizen scamsand did nothing

** Brian Kemp led a fight versus Real the Ballot to come to the reality

** The FBI and also DOJ made use of cellular phone ‘ping’ data to identify, situate as well as catch January 6 protesters however DID NOT utilize this very same procedure to recognize ballot traffickers in 2020

** Tally traffickers were operating in Georgia in the 2018 vote-casting– featuring a number of the same suspects!

** The tally traffickers, or mules were making coming from $10 to $40 per election dumped in to the election cartons

** Pennsylvania was actually the most awful state they viewed with 1,155 ballot traffickers identified and 5 central event places

** Election traffickers crossed condition lines consisting of from New Jacket to Philly

Liberty Overwatch took many notes from the hour-long meeting:

The decrease container stuffing task observed a constant pattern, Gregg discussed. Every function included “a set of collectors, a collection point or stash residence for all the elections, the bundling of those elections, and afterwards the casting of those tallies by, what we were actually phoning, ‘mules’ in the decline packages.”

“And as we began placed the items as well as parts with each other, it truly carried out strike our team: ‘Well, this sounds like what’s occurring in Atlanta or even in San Luis, Arizona’… This was a conspiracy. This was organized crime,” he emphasized.

Catherine defines the “fateful second” when she counted on Gregg and asked, “Just how do we remove a cartel?”

Catherine defined their filtering system reasoning, they wished parameters that were “outside the rule, so abnormal that it would just stick out like a sore finger in regards to a dataset … Our company wanted to have such very clear margins, such crystal clear lines that our experts ultimately picked teams that were going [to the decrease …


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