21-Year-Old Police Cadet Drops Dead After Showing Zero Signs of Sickness


A 21-year-old college student from Monmouth, Maine, died suddenly on Jan. 18.

To the surprise of those closest to him, it was revealed that Dustin Allard’s death was caused by a brain tumor, according to the Morning Sentinel.

Allard was training to become an Oakland, Maine, police officer around the time of his passing.

His parents, Tammy and Gary Allard, expressed their shock at their son’s tragic death.

“He was never sick before the day he died and had never been diagnosed with anything,” they said. “It was completely unexpected and fast.”


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Allard was very involved in the local community. Outside of his time spent completing his studies at Thomas College and the police academy, he worked at the Alfond Youth & Community Center.

Described as a go-getter, Allard took quite a bit of initiative in his professional life as well.

The young man earned a sales agent license, got a job at a real estate company and even showed interest in purchasing his own rental property in order to begin building up a portfolio.

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Allard’s parents are far from the only ones grieving his loss.

Tracey Frost, a school resource officer in Oakland, said the police department is “a little shook up” by his death.

According to Frost, police departments are having a hard time finding young, enthusiastic applicants, and Allard was a rare exception.

“To get such a high-quality young person interested in it … we were obviously really excited,” Frost said. “We had heard over and over again just what an outstanding young man he was.”

“We had every anticipation he was going to be a really, really good officer for us and it’s just an…


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