After 15 Minutes of 9/11 Remembrance, Schedule Reveals Child Drag Queens to Take the Stage


Sunday marks the 21st anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. One festival in Idaho could only devote 15 minutes to remembering the victims of this tragedy before launching into leftist propaganda.

According to a website for the Boise Pride Festival, the three day event is scheduled for Sept. 9-11, 2022.

A schedule for Sunday’s festivities said the event would include a 15-minute “9/11 Remembrance” from 11:30 – 11:45 a.m. It is the shortest planned event for the entire day.

The remembrance is set to be immediately followed by a 30-minute “Drag Story Time.” After that, organizers planned a 30-minute dance party with Corvette Collective.

An event guide described Corvette Collective as “a vibrant force of empowered queers on a mission to spread radical self-expression via high-voltage dance experiences.”


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The group has a page on Linktree with links to the National Bailout Fund, the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund and a petition to defund the police. Sadly, Corvette Collective was still not the most disturbing act scheduled for Sunday.

Following the performance from this group of “empowered queers,” the Boise Pride Festival allotted 45-minutes for a performance from “Drag Kids.”

“You have watched the Queens and Kings and now it is time to see the Kids,” the event guide said. “A drag show like none other the Drag Kids range from ages 11 – 18 and are ready to bring it all to the Boise Pride Festival stage! Come and cheer them on as they bring drag to the younger generation!”

It is hard to describe just how evil promoting such a performance is. These are minors who are likely confused about their places in the world, and the Boise Pride Festival is encouraging adults to watch and cheer and these children perform in a sexualized show.

Should children be allowed at a drag show?

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Make no mistake: Drag shows consist of much more than just cross-dressing. The performers are often dancing provocatively or in a sexual manner that is…


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