After Head Of State Caught on Hot Mic Saying ‘Nobody F *** s with a Biden,’ Peter Doocy Notes How the World Simply Did


There’s an advantage to being as gaffe-prone as President Joe Biden is: It’s been so far difficult to select a presidency-defining gaffe, if just because there are numerous of them to select from.

Presidents are typically connected to one line they should not have said, typically because it’s a lie. “I am not a criminal.” “I did not have sex with that said lady, Miss Lewinsky.” “Review my lips: No new tax obligations.” “If you like your doctor, you can maintain your medical professional.” “Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva task.”

However, picking a trademark gaffe for Biden has been thus far elusive. It’s a little bit like searching for one of the most grammatically wrong sentence ever said by Yoda. As if by design, the language that appears of the head of state’s mouth is a jumble of slurred words, verbal infelicities, fake unscientific puffery and, his newest pastime, ill-conceived diatribes versus “MAGA Republicans.” How do you select?

I assume we might finally have it, though– the gaffe that combines all his various other gaffes in just 6 words (and also three asterisks): “Nobody f *** s with a Biden.”

According to Organization Expert, that quote was caught on a hot mic as he was speaking to Ft Myers Coastline Mayor Ray Murphy on Wednesday; the president was in Florida to evaluate the damages from Hurricane Ian.


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Murphy assumed this was an outstanding quip: “Yeah, you’re g ** d *** right,” he reacted, before drinking hands with the president.

CAUTION: The following video has graphic language that some audiences will certainly locate offensive.

Nonetheless, Fox Information’ Peter Doocy mentioned the issue with this, um, affirmation in a record on Fox News on Wednesday evening.

“The president claims no one F’s with a Biden,” Doocy quipped. “However it shows up OPEC+ has done simply that, the group of oil producing countries accepting reduce oil manufacturing by 2 million barrels daily.”

Yes, in the latest problem for the administration, OPEC+ countries revealed they were cutting manufacturing dramatically as oil costs drew back from document highs. The organization said that the cut was made in …


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