ALARM: NBA Star Desired On Terrorism Charges


Chicken Wants Enes Kanter Freedom on Terrorism Charges Enes Kanter, a specialist baseball player for the Portland Trail Blazers, has actually been actually voice concerning his support for Fethullah Gulen.

Gulen is a Muslim cleric who has actually been residing in exile in the USA given that 1999. He is actually additionally the owner of the Hizmet activity, which is committed to advertising moderate Islam.

The Turkish federal government has actually indicted Gulen of orchestrating a stopped working military successful stroke in 2016, as well as they have actually been actually compeling the USA to extradite him back to Chicken.

Kanter has openly slammed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and has also called him an oppressor.

Due to Kanter’s support for Gulen, the Turkish federal government has released a detention warrant for him. If he were actually to go back to Turkey, he will be actually jailed and could confront 4 years in prison.

authorities. He is actually unable to leave behind the country and also go back to Turkey because he will be apprehended at the airport. The Trail Blazers are planned to participate in an activity in Toronto on May 14th, however it is actually confusing if Kanter will certainly manage to journey with the crew. The Canadian authorities has certainly not mentioned whether or not they will definitely permit Kanter in to the nation. Kanter has claimed that he worries

for his lifestyle if he goes back to Chicken, and also he has even obtained fatality threats from Erdogan promoters. He is currently working with Legislator Jeff Merkley to try and acquire his scenario addressed. It is actually unbearable that the Turkish federal government would like to catch Kanter

just because he exercised his right to freedom of speech. It is a lot more horrendous that they are actually making an effort to extradite Gulen with no proof that he was involved in the stopped working coup try. The United States needs to stand up for our values and

shield those that speak out versus tyranny and also fascism. Source

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