Well holy moly! Points are actually heating up around the planet alright!

While we rest listed below and also not do anything regarding the ‘irregularities’ in our elections, other around the world, who experience their elections were endangered, have taken matters right into their own hands.

Look at what the Brazilian armed force is about to carry out … this is HUGE …

The Gateway Pundit stated:

Matthew Tyrmand signed up with Steve Bannon on The War Space on Sunday.

Tyrmand has actually been actually disclosing on the massive freedom protests versus the Socialist event after the taken governmental election last month.

In a fan vote-casting, where every ballot was logged by machines, Socialist offender Lula da Silva took care of to gain the vote-casting even with his celebration losing seats in the assemblage versus the preferred Jair Bolsonaro.

It was similar to the US political elections in 2020 and 2022 with inconceivable results that can not be described.

Tyrmand states the Brazilian armed force is ready to conjure up Post 142 and conserve the nation coming from the Marxist horde.

The armed forces stands along with Bolsonaro and is prepared to evoke Post 142 of the Brazilian Constitution, which says that the armed force possesses the role of “promising constitutional energies” under the “supreme authority of the head of state.”

Tell me South america is not the little brother of US taken elections

5:02 PM · Nov 25, 2022


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