There is no other way to say it, Canada has fallen.  Totalitarianism has taken hold of the once sleepy nation to our north.  People are now being arrested and stripped of their ability to bank, all because they were involved in political protests …

Canadian Prime Minister Adolf Trudeau puts Hit5ler to shame. First, he arrests the protesting truckers, then he freezes their bank accounts. It gets weirder. He is now confiscating their pets. They will be held for eight days and then they can be euthanized. Next, he will be confiscating first-born children. I just don’t know if he will use them for slave labor or whether he will euthanize them, too.

Trudeau needs to be drug tested and then thrown out on his butt and deported to China, the country he has said he admires. He could be a correspondent who sends a message every day telling liberal Canadians about all the exciting opportunities there, and maybe he can get a lot of them to make the move as well. The more the merrier I say.

Canadian authorities who answer to Trudeau are warning truckers that if they are arrested, they could confiscate their pets. After eight days, they consider them abandoned and could then put them to death. I’m surprised. I expected Trudeau to let the pets live and euthanize his opposition. Now, you know why our Founding Fathers wrote a constitution granting people their freedom. Not that the Democrats will let you keep it.

According to an announcement on the Ottawa-By-law Twitter account, anyone arrested for peaceful protests could have their pets confiscated and held for seven days before being put into an of Trudeau’s ovens.


The suspect must pay for the animal’s care. After eight days, if arrangements have not been made, the animal would be considered “relinquished.” A tweet from Ottawa’s regulatory service included a photo of a dog hanging out of a truck window. 

The ongoing protests in Canada began weeks ago as a convoy of truckers protesting vaccine and quarantine mandates for border crossings, but the movement has morphed into much larger demonstrations against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Attention animal owners at demonstration


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