Alleged Idaho Killer Presented Unusual and Disturbing Actions in His Cell, Leaving Guards Surprised


< img src =""alt=" "> A lady who stated she was incarcerated last weekend in a cell near quadruple-murder suspect Bryan Kohberger declares she saw the implicated awesome display aggressive and unusual behavior during her time there.

Valerie Cipollina, 50, told the U.K.’s Daily Mail she remained in Pennsylvania’s Monroe County Jail for regarding six hours on New Year’s Day on a domestic violence cost after a fight with her sweetheart.

She informed the information electrical outlet she really did not right away recognize Kohberger, but she heard someone claim, “That’s the guy who killed those college students.”

From regarding 6:20 a.m till her release around noontime, Cipollina stated, she was in a cell near Kohberger, that kept up a stream of ranting, commonly estimating violent, profane and misogynistic rap music lyrics.

“I could see him via the polycarbonate glass home window of his jail cell. He was standing up right against it, yelling out fierce rap verses,” she told the outlet.


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The man Cipollina thought to be Kohberger “consistently lifted his tee shirt and also she heard the guard inform him a number of times to place his trousers back on. She believes he was attempting to subject himself to her,” the Daily Mail reported.

“I couldn’t see his genitals since the glass wall only went down up until now,” she said.

Cipollina also informed the news electrical outlet that the high, slim young man shrieked at policemans who purchased him to be silent, often duplicating, “I cut them, I’ll cut you!” She stated he threatened to urinate in their faces and also charged guards of hesitating ahead near him.

“He then shrieked at the top of his lungs: ‘Come in all of you. You frightened of me? You must be scared of me … You’re going to not do anything to me because I’m going to reduce all of you up,'” Cipollina claimed.

Some media outlets were hesitant of the account. “The surprising behavior is a departure from previous summaries of the PhD pupil at Washington State College,” the New York City Blog Post reported. “Past teachers and also schoolmates called him unpleasant and also extremely smart.”

The Post reported …


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