Alleged Vandal Is Out-Punked After Small Business Owner Prints Massive ‘Wanted’ Poster


When this shop owner in Garfield Heights, Ohio, discovered that his shop door was damaged by a vandal, caught on video surveillance, he’d had enough.

“I’ve been here 32 years. I do a lot for the community, and I was frustrated. Everybody who walked past in the morning you know before we saw the video footage to me was guilty, so I looked at them like with a side eye.” Grenig told

Rather than accepting the damage and becoming a victim, moving on from the event, Grenig took matters into his own hands.

“He took my advertising that I had on the window off by kicking the door, so I really wanted to put this guy firsthand and let everybody see what he had done, hoping to embarrass him and maybe come forward and admit what he did. I had the means to kind of punk this guy out a little bit and what better way to do it than to advertise on my own sign shop window?”

“He took that away from me for what I was advertising so I’m gonna give this guy his 15 minutes of fame in the limelight hoping someone in our neighborhood recognizes him, comes forward and we move on from this.” Grenig explained.


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Thankfully for the small business owner, not only did the vandal see himself but the story swept over the entire community.

“He said ‘Mom, I did something wrong. I’m on the news. I’m afraid to even go to work,’” Grenig said to WJW.

Shortly thereafter Grenig received a phone call from the mother who said she wanted to make amends.

She brought her son to the store and had him apologize in person and explain his actions.

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“The young man was here in Garfield Heights at a bar Friday night where he got jumped and pistol-whipped, had a little alcohol, he was discombobulated, he was hurt, wasn’t thinking right, came over, kicked the door,”…


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