As Buffalo Gets Pummeled with Snow, Fans Dig Out NFL Players from Homes ⋆ WOW! ⋆ Flag And Cross


For Buffalonians, snow is nothing new.  The western New York city has been blasted with blizzards for time immemorial, lending itself to some of the wildest weather in the entire nation.

And, now that their NFL franchise is finally having a stellar year, fans of the Buffalo Bills are doing all that they can to keep the team on top of their division…including banding together to dig their players out of their homes after a particularly nasty storm.

Fans showed up at the house of Spencer Brown, a right tackle, with snowblowers. Others brought shovels to the homes of tight ends Dawson Knox and Tommy Sweeney. Somebody cleared tight end Quintin Morris’ driveway. Before the Buffalo Bills could fly to Detroit to play Sunday in a city that wasn’t mired in feet-deep snow, they had to be dug out of their houses and get to a team facility for the ride to the airport. The people of Buffalo pitched in with transportation, as well, ESPN reports. Reggie Gilliam, a fullback, posted a request on Twitter for someone with a monster truck to pick him up, but fans didn’t need to be asked to pitch in.

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The Bills themselves were in awe of the “Bills Mafia” and their support.

The players were appreciative, posting thankful videos on social media, CBS News reports. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” Knox said in a video showing him posing with neighbors who cleared a path at his house. “City of good neighbors,” Brown posted. After neighbors cleared his driveway with snowblowers, backup quarterback Case Keenum posted a “huge shout out.” And Morris thanked “whoever cleared my driveway.”

The Bills would go on to win their Sunday game 31-23 in Detroit.

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