Assistant of State Jena Griswold as 2 Colorado County Clerks Asks Court to Allow Them to Review the Voter Logs They Spared Against the Authorities Count


SOS Jena Griswold illegitimately possessed all the region clerks erase all voter details which is against state as well as government law. Of course, the unscrupulous Merrick wreath has ignored the entire issue. Now, two area staffs are taking legal action against Griswold and have actually asked the court to provide approval to contrast the formal count with the duplicates they made before they erased it from the devices.

The staffs, Elbert Region Clerk, Dallas Schroeder, as well as Douglas Region Employee Merlin Klotz, have asked the court to enable all of them to contrast their spared files to the official matter to find if Griswold changed the machines. Griswold had the machines worked on for one reason or another right after the election and afterwards bought all region clerks to remove their political election data. Federal regulation explains that all voter details should be kept for 22 months. In my mind, that is a criminal offense, and also Griswold ought to be thrown out of office and also tossed into a prison tissue.

Democrats coming from throughout the country have actually battled with every available resource, trying to prevent auditing of the votes. If they are therefore persuaded there was no cheating, they need to be glad to show it with an audit that both edges come to take part in. They can create Republicans appear like morons unless they turn out to be right. Is that what Democrats fear of?


Two Republican Politician County Clerks– Elbert Area Staff Dallas Schroeder and also Douglas County Staff Merlin Klotz– along with a few Republican Politician County Commissioners coming from Park and Rio Blanco regions, yearn for accessibility to political election hosting servers.

They would like to find if the election equipment program update, called a “Reputable Build” erased election information.

“What our company’re asking the court to do is enable our team to receive a photo of the unit as it exists today,” claimed John Claim, the lawyer working with Schroeder, Klotz and also the county commissioners.

Schroeder confessed in an affidavit final month that he created his own copies of his ballot machine services prior to the Trusted Shape.

“I made a forensic image of whatever on the election server, and I saved the photo to a secure external hard disk drive,” Schroeder created.

“He, directly, with (replacement clerk) Rhonda Braun took the disk drives away from the vote-casting voting system web server, placed …


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