At The Very Least 200K Mismatched Signatures: Research of 2020 Maricopa Region Tally Envelopes Things to Flawed System


Shiva Ayyadurai, the creator of the Political election Solutions Honesty Institute, has released a research study concluding that the Maricopa Area, Arizona, mail-in tally signature confirmation procedure is deeply flawed.

The research, launched last week, discovered that the region allowed approximately 200,000 ballot envelopes with dissimilar signatures to be forwarded for counting without more review.

Ayyadurai, a systems engineer with several levels from the Massachusetts Institute of Modern Technology, affirmed last autumn prior to the Arizona Senate relating to the searchings for of the Maricopa Region 2020 basic political election audit.

Among his most significant declarations was that his group established there were 34,448 duplicate tally envelopes from 17,126 one-of-a-kind citizens.

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Maricopa County officials turned down the searching for at the time and also launched a record in January mentioning that the reason for the duplicate envelopes was that those ballots had experienced the healing process, where the ballot was gone back to the voter to correct an absence of trademark or an additional deficiency.

Nevertheless, making use of the most traditional criteria, ESII determined that a lot more must have been returned.

Researchers reported that 11.3 percent of the roughly 1.9 million mail-in tallies ought to have undergone the curing procedure, as opposed to the 1.31 percent that did.

That equates to more than 215,000 needing to be healed versus the “upwards of25,000” identified by Maricopa Area.

“I located it remarkable that they didn’t give us a precise number. They simply stated up to 25,000,” Ayyadurai informed The Western Journal, keeping in mind the region called it a “strenuous trademark verification procedure.”

“So the lower line is this, that if you’re doing treating, that suggests for each cured envelope, there must be the validated as well as approved [one] That’s what they’re claiming,” he included.

“Which suggests you need to understand precisely the amount of were treated. Why did you claim, ‘Upward of 25,000’? Due to the fact that we found out precisely 17,126 were duplicate photos, that indicates we definitively understand the number of were healed. Why isn’t the county saying specifically how many were treated?”

Maricopa County said it rejected just 587 tallies of those that experienced the curing process. To put it simply, …


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