Ballot Drop Boxes in Arizona Attract Voter Intimidation ⋆ ⋆ Flag And Cross


The presidential election of 2020 was a peculiar one, that’s for sure, and the effects of the tumult will reverberate within our political system for perhaps a generation or two.

It was the first election in which the incumbent President contested the results, and in which his supporters attempted to rectify the perceived wrongs.  This kicked off a rather obsessive interest with the electoral process in America, in which some of the lesser-known ways to vote took center stage.

Specifically, there were concerns among some Americans that drop-off ballot boxes were prone to tampering or tainting in some way, and they’ve become a focal point of several electoral arguments over the course of the last several months.

In Arizona, these ballot drop boxes have even been at the center of some troubling activity.

The report landed in the Arizona secretary of state’s online portal Monday night, around dinnertime. It contained an urgent message.


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“There’s a group of people hanging out near the ballot dropbox filming and photographing my wife and I as we approached the dropbox and accusing us of being a mule,” said the report, which was written by a voter in the Phoenix suburbs and obtained by The Washington Post. “They took … photographs of our license plate and of us and then followed us out the parking lot in one of their cars continuing to film.”

Unlike manned polling places, these remote-voting boxes have no inherent security or election officials to prevent such behavior.

And that wasn’t all.

Hobbs’s office also alerted county officials of another complaint about drop box observers that allegedly took place Wednesday afternoon in downtown Phoenix.

“Camo clad people taking pictures of me, my license plate as I dropped our mail in ballots in the box,” the complaint said. “When I approached them asking names, group they’re with, they wouldn’t give anything. They asked why I wanted to know, well it’s because it’s a personal attack.”

Republicans have largely come out in favor of requiring all votes cast in America to be cast at an official polling place, but the idea has been met with a great deal of resistance from the liberal left.


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