Battleground State Election Official Warns There Will Be NO Results on Election Night


In this modern day and age of rapidly-advancing technology, one would think that states finally have their Election Day processes honed into a smooth and efficient process. For many states, that’s an accurate assessment.

Not so much, though, in Pennsylvania, a key battleground state that seems to have problems with processing and counting ballots more often than not. According to WITF-FM, Pennsylvania acting Secretary of State Leigh M. Chapman held a virtual news conference Monday and explained that the upcoming election would be no different.

Chapman rattled off several reasons why she believes results will not be immediately available on Election Night, and curiously reassured viewers that the delay doesn’t mean “nefarious” actions are taking place.

“It’s really important for us to get accurate information about the election process in Pennsylvania,” Chapman said. “So voters and the public know that when there are delays in counting, it doesn’t mean that there’s anything nefarious happening. It’s just what the law is in Pennsylvania.”

She said one of the goals of the press conference was to stop the spread of misinformation as Nov. 8 approaches.


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Chapman also spoke about “threats” that have caused her office to work closely with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. However, she failed to elaborate on specifics regarding the threats, though she vowed to pursue any threats against workers.

“Since I’ve been in office in January, we have constantly met with the FBI and Homeland Security just to talk through what the current threat landscape is and tools that we can give our counties to make sure that they have physical security protection, as well as cyber security protection,” Chapman said.

“So it’s been great to partner with both the federal and state law enforcement organizations. We are in constant communication with them, and it’s a situation that we are monitoring.”

Chapman also explained that, unlike most other states, Pennsylvania law doesn’t allow mail-in ballots to be pre-canvassed, meaning that election workers can only begin to open the ballots for processing on the morning of Election Day.

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