Ben Shapiro Triggers Libs by Existing: ‘Literally Shaking Rn’


Apparently, Ben Shapiro — co-founder of conservative outlet The Daily Wire and one of the biggest podcasters on the planet — can trigger liberals by simply showing up at a podcasting convention.

Podcast Movement, taking place this week in Dallas, is one of the biggest conferences in the United States for those who are in the industry. According to TheBlaze, Shapiro’s outlet helped sponsor this year’s convention.

Shapiro himself was spotted on the floor of the convention — and that’s where the trouble began.

It ended it one of the silliest apologies ever from the convention organizer itself, with Podcast Movement saying on Twitter it took “full responsibility for the harm done by his presence.”

Even more laughs could be had with a perfect rejoinder from Shapiro himself.


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Unfortunately, the first person to call out Shapiro’s presence on the floor — whose Twitter profile includes “they/them” pronouns, natch — made the tweet private. Thankfully, an archived version of it exists so you can marvel at the triggered-ness.

“Hey @PodcastMovement what the f***,” podcaster Tal Minear tweeted, along with this photo of Shapiro and the Daily Wire booth:

Podcaster Tal Minear’s Twitter account was put into “protected” status in the wake of a tweet questioning Ben Shapiro’s appearance at the Podcast Movement convention in Dallas. (@starplanes / Twitter)

Well, sightings like this were enough to set people off. And they’re exactly the kind of people you’d imagine would be set off by having to exist in the same vague space as someone whose politics they disagree with.

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“As a trans person, as a queer person, as someone with a uterus, this does…


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