Betrayed By Their Own Party: Republicans Furious Over Debt Ceiling


A Betrayal of the American People: House Democrats Expected to Vote in Favor of Debt Ceiling Agreement

Negotiated by Biden and McCarthy There is no denying it – the Democratic Party has betrayed their constituents and abandoned their principles.

Despite strong opposition from members of the House Freedom Caucus, senior House Democrats are expected to vote in favor of a debt ceiling agreement negotiated by President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

This agreement will raise the debt limit through 2025, pushing back future discussions until after the 2024 presidential election.

It also establishes annual discretionary spending caps for two years, while non-defense spending levels will remain flat next year and increase by 1% in 2025. U.S. Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) accurately described this bill as “a disaster” while Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) said “no one claiming to be a conservative could justify a YES vote” due to massive concessions on border security, funding for an additional 87,000 IRS agents, and other issues with curbing spending projects from President Biden’s “Build Back Better” legislation.

U.S. Rep Chip Roy (R-TX) went even further: “Does nothing for the border…And in many ways kills our leverage to get them through the appropriations process.”

But despite these valid criticisms from Republican lawmakers across Congress, there appears to be little hope that enough Democrats will join Republicans in voting against this bill – even though some progressives have expressed hesitation about supporting it without seeing final text first before making a decision;

U.S Rep Pramila Jayapal stated that progressive support for the bill is not guaranteed during her Sunday appearance on CNN’s State Of The Union program when asked if she’d support it – “Well I don’t know yet Jake because I haven’t seen any texts”.

Speaker McCarthy has expressed confidence that most GOP members are in favor of this deal however – claiming that 95% were “overwhelmingly excited” about what they saw on a conference call– but with so many clear flaws having been identified already it’s hard not to wonder whether those…


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