Biden Attempts to Tout Job Numbers, Gets Fact-Checked Hard by Musk’s New Twitter Feature ⋆ Flag And Cross


“There you go again” was a line Ronald Reagan famously employed against then-President Jimmy Carter in their presidential debate in 1980, and he would be able to use it just as effectively against President Joe Biden and his fanciful claims now.

Biden and the White House staff, presumably, just couldn’t help themselves in embellishing the administration’s jobs record after a good January jobs report was released Friday.

“In my first year as president, we saw the largest one-year growth in women’s participation in the labor force in nearly 30 years,” Biden tweeted.

However, Twitter users responded employing the new “Community Notes” function, to give the 46th president’s claims some important context.

“By Jan 2021, the US had only recovered 57% of overall jobs lost during COVID, leading to sizeable ‘growth’ in Biden’s first year,” one note read.


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Additionally, the “total number of women working now remains slightly less than pre-COVID,” and that the “labor force participation rate for women remains much lower.”

Interestingly, the Community Notes adding context to Biden’s tweet appear to have been taken down. However, images of Biden’s tweet being, effectively, fact-checked, still exist online. And they appear to be making a difference, as this one Twitter user noted:

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Biden tweets this & I decided to read the “context” the first source actually shows that we are higher now than before covid. The 2nd source says that we have slightly less women working, the actual number is 50. The 3rd source shows that it’s less than half a % from pre-covid.

— B-158 Jr.🤟 (@ThiccBoBaeggins) February 3, 2023

Others just found the entire ordeal funny:



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