Biden Campaign Unknowingly Promotes Trump After Sharing His Anti-Jihadist Clip


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) The Biden campaign was ruthlessly mocked after it accidentally promoted Donald Trump by sharing a clip of him opposing accelerated cultural degradation and jihadist takeover of the United States.

After pointing out that the Biden administration failed to secure the southern border, Trump said that the White House has reportedly been considering importing Palestinians.

“It should be no surprise that in addition to the millions and millions of people invading our country from the border, crooked Joe is now reportedly planning… to bring massive numbers of Gazans from the Middle East,” Trump said.

He then suggested that by doing so, the Biden administration is effectively setting the scene for an “October 7-style attack” in the United States.

“Under no circumstances should we bring thousands of refugees from Hamas-controlled terrorist epicenters like Gaza to America. We do not need a jihad in the United States of America. We do not need our once-great cities to become hotbeds of terrorism,” Trump said.

After that, Trump said that he would restore his travel ban, suspend refugee admissions and keep the terrorists out of the United States so that this country would not become like the United Kingdom and France.

“I’m not sure if many of you here are big travelers or not, but we’ve seen what happened when Europe opened their doors to jihad. Look at Paris. Look at London. They’re no longer recognizable,” he said.

The Biden campaign shared an excerpt of Trump’s campaign speech on May 1, 2024, hoping that Americans would strongly disagree with Trump. Unfortunately for the far-left intern responsible for the official Twitter account of the Biden campaign, the reaction was completely opposite.

“They have their head buried so deep they don’t even realize this is a great clip,” Matt Rinaldi, chairman of the Texas GOP, wrote.

Libby Emmons, the editor-in-chief at the Post Millennial, agreed.

“This is an amazing self-own by the Biden-Harris HQ. Trump loves America and our culture and believes it’s worth saving, Biden doesn’t,” she wrote.

Michael Seifert, the founder of Amazon alternative PublicSquare, also pointed out the delusion of the person who is responsible for the Biden campaign’s social media accounts.

“Does the intern who runs this account realize that the American people are completely behind Trump on this? He’s 10000% right here,” he wrote.


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