Biden Delivers Gaffe-Laden Speech as He Reads Out ‘Pause’ Instructions


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) President Joe Biden once again found himself inadvertently reading out the customary instructions seen on teleprompters or speech outlines during addresses or similar events. 

This incident occurred during Biden’s speech to members of the North America’s Building Trades Union on Wednesday, where he included a “pause” directive as part of his official remarks.

“Four more years,” Biden claimed, before adding: “Pause.”

Seemingly unaware of Biden’s verbal mishap, union members erupted into chants of “Four more years! Four more years!” in reference to his sinking re-election campaign for the 2024 presidential election. 

Biden’s slip-up, initially reported by the New York Post, was not the sole verbal blunder marring his address to the union members.

As seen in video shared online, Biden posed a rather confusing questions to the union workers. Repeating a previous gaffe, Biden questioned, “Are you ready to choose freedom over democracy?”

According to the Post, Biden recounted an unverified story about former President Donald Trump gifting him a pair of boots.

“The guy has never worked a day in the working man’s boots,” Biden claimed, alluding to Trump. “By the way, he gave me a pair of boots as a gift, by the way.”

Expanding on the potentially fabricated anecdote, he added, “I know how to put them on. I still sometimes cut the yard. But the Secret Service doesn’t let me do it anymore.”

Later in his speech, Biden insinuated that Trump “looks down on us,” aligning himself with union workers. However, Biden is far from an average American, boasting a $10 million fortune, according to Forbes.

Additionally, Biden has often frequented the multi-million-dollar mansions and compounds of some of his friends and donors.

Adding another gaffe to his speech, Biden falsely stated he “cut the national debt so far.” Yet, this assertion is demonstrably false, as the national debt has ballooned to $5.7 trillion in less than three years of his administration.

The gaffe-prone president may have been referring to the budget deficit, which was reduced by $1.7 trillion during his initial two fiscal years in office.

Despite the cut, the Biden-ed Department of Treasury has been borrowing at an annual rate of $3 trillion—nearly double the initially projected amount, according to the Heritage Foundation earlier this month. 


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