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The Masters golf event has actually long billed itself as “a custom unlike any kind of various other,” as well as one would be hard-pressed to locate a golf fan who differs keeping that evaluation.

While there are lots of facets of the Masters that make it unique, one of one of the most crucial is reliability.

Whenever April rolls about, golf fans recognize they trust the hard-working staff members at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, to give an extraordinary experience. The azaleas are always in complete blossom, and every blade of grass is thoroughly manicured. The Masters prides itself on offering as near a perfect event as humanly feasible.

One more thing followers can depend on when they establish foot on the grounds at Augusta is the fact that the same budget-friendly as well as tasty giving ins will certainly be readily available each year.

Amongst the most popular things on the annual Masters food selection are pimento cheese, egg salad as well as hen salad sandwiches. All of those alternatives are offered once again this week, yet there is one notable lack from the menu.

According to Golf, the Masters will certainly be not able to offer the desired Georgia peach gelato sandwich due to “supply chain problems.” Press reporter James Colgan initially announced the news on Twitter.

Colgan clarified that a young concessions employee broke the information to him throughout the Augusta National Female’s Amateur, which typically happens the Saturday prior to the Masters.

“The lady tasked with supplying the message couldn’t have been older than 16, which was probably deliberately,” Colgan created. “Sixteen-year-olds do not regularly provoke troubles.”

That may be an exaggeration, but not by much. Individuals love the peach ice cream sandwich, as evidenced by the response Colgan spoke with others when they obtained the news. They consisted of “Oh my goodness, you’re joking!.?.!! “as well as”You’re not serious, best?”

“Without the ice cream sandwich, the Masters simply isn’t the Masters as we have come to know it,” Colgan lamented.

Twitter users grieved the loss too, with some recommending it would ruin the entire competition.


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