Biden-Linked Law Firm Got $10 Million in Forgiven COVID Loans


Seeker Biden is the gift that keeps providing– both to the Republicans as well as Democrats, it appears.

I hardly require to tell you why the GOP loves it whenever the younger Biden is in the photo. Whether it’s the truth he safeguarded business deals with international partners that had an interest in little else however accessibility to the power his daddy possessed; or the truth he secured those deals while in the throes of crippling dependencies to medicines, alcohol, and sex; or the fact he chose to record the degree of his depravity on his laptop computer and afterwards neglected to pick it up from a Delaware repair shop; or the truth that, regardless of statements that amount an admission he pushed a government weapon possession company, he hasn’t been billed with a thing; or the fact he’s proceeded his influence-peddling while his father remains in the White Home by trying to offer his hack finger-paintings for enormous quantities of cash; or …

Ahem. Point is, Hunter Biden is excellent if you’re a Republican as well as want an easy home window right into exactly how corruption operates in Biden-land. Yet why would certainly would the Democrats assume he’s the present that keeps on offering?

Well, because situation, it’s slightly extra complicated. That doesn’t mean it does not have an odor to high paradise, it simply has an odor in a much more intricate way.

As you might remember, back in the bad old days of the pandemic– when anything that had not been DoorDash or a “intense but mainly calm” Black Lives Matter protest was being shuttered– the federal government was giving out financings to keep shuttered businesses afloat.


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One such company, according to a Friday report by Miranda Divine of the New York City Article, was law firm Boies Schiller Flexner. Its most popular partner is David Boies, the best lawyer for facility Democrats; he’s ideal born in mind for being the shedding lawyer in the Supreme Court case Shrub v. Gore.

Apparently, inside-the-Beltway suits should have run out throughout the pandemic duration due to the fact that the company took the solitary largest Paycheck Defense Program finance of 300 leading law practice checked out by a not-for-profit group– a massive $10.14 million. In 2021, the financing was forgiven.

Note that the …


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