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Elon Musk may assume an ever greater role at Twitter than previously thought.

The billionaire and entrepreneur is planning to serve as the temporary CEO of the social media platform, according to Thursday reporting from CNBC.

Musk will lead the company for a few months, presumably before selecting a permanent CEO he trusts to execute his vision for the company.

Musk has spoken openly of his desire to reorient Twitter towards free speech, potentially ending the political censorship the platform is known for.

The Tesla CEO frequently criticized the company’s censorship tactics.

The suspension of The Babylon Bee, a satire news outlet known for outraging the left with colorful jabs towards the sacred pieties of progressives, is thought to have been a motivator for Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

If Musk made himself CEO, he’d be replacing Parag Agrawal, a Twitter employee who replaced Jack Dorsey in November.

SEC documents show that Musk has obtained more than $7 billion in funding from investors for his takeover of the company.

Musk’s deal to take Twitter private as its primary owner hasn’t closed yet.

The South African-born billionaire will face challenges in remaking Twitter’s culture, with pro-censorship leftists embedded within the company fiercely opposed to allowing conservatives a place on the network.

Woke Twitter employees have expressed outrage at Musk’s plans for the company, outrage that the entrepreneur would seek to bring greater inclusivity to the platform.

Musk has also suggested he intends to charge corporations and governments for the right to utilize the platform — while keeping it free for everyday users.

Twitter has halted new product developments and significant hires ahead of Musk’s pending takeover, according to the New York Post.

The deal for Musk to buy Twitter and take it private could still fall through, even though Musk and Twitter’s…


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