Big City Investor Flees To Texas Plot To Restart ‘Biblical’ Life, Grow Own Food, Homeschool – Here’s How


He was a young, successful investor and family man who had it all. Although he owned property investments, was able to pay $350,000 in cash for a huge house, and lived an affluent lifestyle, Joe Wilder, a religious man, saw the “shenanigans” in his workplace and became disenchanted with the whole deal.

He conceded he had gotten “sucked in” by ego. Now he wanted out. He wanted his family out. It would be a hard, Biblical restart for all their lives, but the northeastern United States family pulled up, moved to Texas despite knowing no one, and found freedom on a small, unfinished plot.

Nearly ten years on, Joe and his wife, Faith, have six kids and a farm that feeds them wholesome, unprocessed food where their kids don’t get spoiled, because they have to work, and are homeschooled as biblical Christians. It’s the lifestyle Joe had wanted for them—one he believes aligns more closely with God’s word.

Their paradigm shift is one society at large might learn from, as the family of eight—having become content creators—share their agrarian exploits on YouTube, teaching the truth about how things are, and how they might be. You needn’t live in the rat race like you were taught!

The Wilders on their Texas plot. (Courtesy of The Texas Boys)

Some have called him “crazy” for his adventurism. But for Joe and his family, it makes perfect sense.

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“We moved with just a little bit of cash savings, and a small, one-way U-Haul trailer that was 8 by 12,” Joe, 47, told The Epoch Times. “We left our newly remodeled home with new appliances and everything; we just foreclosed on that.

“We had $70,000. If we had $125,000 or $150,000 back then, we could have bought our pick of whatever.

“We looked at a lot of fixer-upper properties, and it took us about six months to find the place we’re at now.”

Joe Wilder and his eldest son, Matt, 18. (Courtesy of The Texas Boys)

Growing up poor himself, Joe spoke with his wife about how they would raise their kids….


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