BREAKING: British Spy Infiltrated Trump’s White House to Derail 2020 Election Audit & Tarnish Trump


Perhaps the most glaring lesson we learned from the Trump presidency is that the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand (the nations which comprise the Five Eyes intelligence allegiance) exist and are working tirelessly to meddle in the major political events occurring in the United States and other places.

From our research, Five Eyes and its members, played a HUGE role in the plot to keep Trump from the Oval Office.  When that failed, much of their efforts were reallocated to neutering President Trump’s political capital, providing ammo for his impeachments and flooding the media with BS propaganda that Trump was somehow owned by Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation.

As time when on these lies were eventually seen for what they were: Complete & total poppycock.

We had all hoped that the efforts of foreign actors (which came from nations which are supposed to be among our closest allies) to interfere in our elections would have ended with their failure to keep Trump out of office.

Well, now, thanks to The Gateway Pundit, we are learning that the intelligence community is still up to their old tricks ….

The Gateway Pundit has a bombshell exclusive this morning …

A British operative was inserted into President Trump’s White House in an effort to tarnish President Trump’s image and then derail the 2020 Election audit efforts.

We’ve previously reported that an individual named Don Berlin inserted a document into President Trump’s inner circle days before Jan 6 in an effort to set President Trump up for perceived insurrection.  A summary of this document was then scooped up by the Jan 6 committee and shared with multiple media outlets in an attempt to claim he attempted an insurrection after the 2020 Election steal.

 EXCLUSIVE: DOD Operative Don Berlin Set Up President Trump for Sedition With Tainted Election Dossier — Who Paid This Guy? 

We now know that Berlin wasn’t alone.  Another individual, Andrew Whitney, with connections to British Intelligence, also wormed his way into President Trump’s inner circle in an effort to tarnish President Trump and then derail the post-2020 Election audit efforts.

Andrew Whitney claimed in one resume where he is listed on the Board of Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc., that he formerly worked for Bain and Co consulting and more.


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