BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene SWATTED at Home!


Just when you thought the left could not stoop any lower, they find a way to do just that.

Swatting is not only an expensive and wasteful endeavor, it’s also extremely dangerous.  Sending men all amped up, with full auto M4’s to a strangers house is a perfect recipe for disaster.

Sadly, I have a feeling bloodshed is what these perps were hoping for …

Jim Hoft, the founder of the #1 source for information in America, The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Popular conservative Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was swatted last night at her home just after 1 AM in the morning.

“Swatting” is the action or practice of making a prank call to emergency services in an attempt to bring about the dispatch of a large number of armed police officers to a particular address.

This is a dangerous prank used by the American left against their political opponents. It is very dangerous because it could lead to a violent confrontation if the police are not aware of the situation.

Rep. Greene posted this on Twitter this an hour ago.

Last night, I was swatted just after 1 am.

I can’t express enough gratitude to my local law enforcement here in Rome, Floyd County.

More details to come.

Of course, the leftist trolls responded with typical hate under her tweet. They don’t have to worry about being banned and they delight in the thought of MTG being harmed.

Let’s hope they catch the perpetrators.’

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we are dealing with from our friends on the left.

They refuse to let us express our ideas on social media while their foot soldiers endanger the lives of our leaders and law enforcement with reckless abandon.

These are scary times indeed.


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