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Tucker Carlson is reportedly ready to torch Fox News as he seeks to be released from his former employer’s contract that would otherwise keep him out of the media world until 2025, according to a report published by Axios.

In a report that cites Bryan Freedman, who Axios describes as a “high-powered Hollywood lawyer,” the outlet states that a source close to Carlson said the veteran newsman is tired of the contract dispute and he’s preparing for “war” against the network.

“Now, we’re going from peacetime to Defcon 1,” a close friend of Carlson reportedly told the outlet. “His team is preparing for war. He wants his freedom.”

Freedman, meanwhile, told the outlet that “The idea that anyone is going to silence Tucker and prevent him from speaking to his audience is beyond preposterous.”

Carlson, whose canceled news show dominated cable news ratings for the month of April despite not airing for its final week, is reportedly “contemplating building a direct-to-consumer media outlet” that would allow viewers to subscribe to his content directly. At the same time, Axios reported Carlson has received offers from Newsmax and Rumble that exceed his former salary at Fox News.

One such outlet, Valuetainment Media, made its opening offer to Carlson on social media. It includes $100 million over five years, an equity stake in the company, and freedom to create whatever media content he chooses.

The reasons for Carlson’s unexpected departure from Fox News remain uncertain, though a separate report published by Vanity Fair was cited by radio host Alex Jones as the key driver behind the split.

Fox News powerhouse Rupert Murdoch and his ex-fiance reportedly dined with Carlson, and the media tycoon grew furious as his partner became enamored with Carlson’s populist worldview.

Murdoch broke off the engagement shortly after the dinner was reported to have occurred and before Carlson was fired.


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