BREAKING: US & Germany Dare Putin To Nuke Us


The United States has been in a love-hate relationship with Russia for centuries. The two countries have been allies at times and enemies at others. Currently, the relationship is pretty tense. The U.S. is trying to stop Russia from expanding its territory and influence. This has led to some serious problems between the two countries.

Recently, there have been reports that Russia is getting ready for a world war. They are said to be building up their military and stockpiling weapons. They are also said to be working on new types of nuclear weapons. This has many people in the U.S. worried that Russia is planning to start a world war.

There are also reports that Russia is hacking into American computer systems. They are said to be trying to steal American secrets and information. This has led to even more tension between the two countries.

To make matters worse, Russia has established many ‘red lines’ which, if crossed by it’s enemies would result in retaliation by Russia.  One of those red lines was just crossed by not only the US but Germany as well …

The Gateway Pundit reported:

On Tuesday the Biden regime agreed to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine to fight the Russian military.

This means the US will be forced to send men and women to operate the tanks and perform maintenance. It is the Biden regime’s attempt to escalate the war in Ukraine.

UPDATE: Joe Biden AGREES to Give “Significant Number” of Abrams M1 Tanks to Ukraine – DESPITE RUSSIAN THREATS OF NUCLEAR WAR

Less than 24 hours later Germany announced they will be sending Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

Chancellor Scholz asked German citizens, who are paying record gas prices this winter to warm their homes, to “trust the government.”

This decision was made after intensive consultations that took place with Germany’s closest European and international partners.

Are we looking at the beginning of World War III?

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