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An Algerian man arrested in Pakistan and accused of helping America’s enemies make bombs is back in Algeria after the Biden administration sprung him from the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.

Sufiyan Barhoumi was flown to Algeria, according to an announcement by the Department of Defense.

“The United States appreciates the willingness of Algeria, and other partners to support ongoing U.S. efforts toward a deliberate and thorough process focused on responsibly reducing the detainee population and ultimately closing of the Guantanamo Bay facility,” the statement said.

In 2016, Barhoumi had been a candidate for release, but during the Trump administration, Obama-era plans to release detainees were put on hold.

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A 2004 document classifying Barhoumi as an enemy combatant said that he trained with Al-Qaida prior to his 2002 arrest.

He “participated in a plan to bomb the United States using bombs remotely active by cellular phone or pager,” the document said.

The document also noted that while learning how to defuse a land mine he lost four fingers.

In the 2009-2010 time frame, the Guantánamo Review Task Force called for Barhoumi to be prosecuted, but nothing happened.

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A 2013 report in the Wall Street Journal indicated that at that time, Barhoumi was willing to plead guilty to war crimes.

A report by HumanRightsFirst indicated that the plea was a strategy to “plead guilty and receive a release date.”

Barhoumi was accused of being a bomb-making instructor in Pakistan, but a court ruling…


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