BURSTING: Online Video Released Of Vote-casting FRAUD … ARREST THEM IMMEDIATELY!


What extra verification of vote-casting tamper do you really want? … ONLINE VIDEO?!

Well, I’m glad you talked to, because that is actually exactly what our company now possess … video recording of vote-casting wrongdoings along with ballot boxes evidently being actually packed to the gills …

Only take a look at this footage from The Entrance Pundit …

The Entrance Pundit mentioned:

Online video footage tape-recorded by the Maricopa County Inventory and also Election Center’s real-time reduce container electronic camera and also discharged by Our Team Individuals USA Alliance series various people driving up to the reduce package and transferring many and in some cases whole entire heaps of ballots at once.

This is actually why leftist teams filed a claim against to outlaw Patriots coming from recording dropboxes in Arizona.

The Portal Expert stated that a federal court outlawed cameras or even videotaping of any sort of tally trafficker at a reduce carton times prior to the political election, giving the election defrauders as well as Autonomous ballot traffickers cost-free reign.

At the moment, Kari Lake accommodated a 10-point lead in a number of polls, featuring an 11-point lead in the current FOX 10 survey from Arizona.

< img src="https://thebeltwayreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/frf.webp"alt=""distance="640"elevation="353"/ > On Monday, our company reported that Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake had her political election drawn from her. The Gateway Pundit recently mentioned on an investigation right into Maricopa Region ballot mining, which utilized Community Records Requests for all tally carton access and chain of wardship kinds utilized in Maricopa Region throughout the 2020 General Vote-casting. The document wrapped up that Maricopa County officials went against Arizona legislation and performed not possess the needed establishment of protection for a minimum of 740,000 tallies. HUGE: Maricopa Region– Investigation Finds Additional 740,000 Tallies Have No Chronicled Establishment Of Guardianship In Addition, Dinesh D’Souza and Accurate The Vote’s 2000 Mules Film 2000 Mules documentary discovered at least 200 ballot Burros in Maricopa Region trafficked 207,435 unlawful votes by means of election reduce packages

. DETESTABLE:’2000 Mules’Exposes 200+Mules In Maricopa Area, Possible 207,435 ILLEGAL Votes Trafficked In Arizona– RINO AG Mark Brnovich Does NOTHING This is exactly how the Democrats swiped the 2020 vote-casting, as well as they utilized it again in 2022. Maricopa Region Recorder Stephen Richer uploaded a snarky tweet on November 3, poking fun regarding experiencing the video footage of tally traffickers and also making fun

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