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Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant called out New York Mayor Eric Adams over policies that allow colleague Kyrie Irving to get in the Barclay Center where the Webs play their house video games however restricted him from playing basketball.

Irving is not immunized versus the coronavirus. Because of that, the Nets had sidelined him at the beginning of the NBA period, but the group brought him back in January.

New York City raised much of its COVID-19 restrictions on March 7. That indicated that Irving might finally go into the field where the Webs play after being prohibited from home games.

Nevertheless, because the city still has an order in position disallowing unvaccinated individuals from private-sector work environments, the very best the 29-year-old point player can do is watch the interplay.

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And also at that, he can’t enter the locker area. The NBA fined the Webs $50,000 simply for allowing Irving in the storage locker room at halftime on Sunday, according to ESPN.

Later, Durant ranted concerning the guidelines.

“I do not recognize it at all. … They lifted all that in our field, right?” the 12-time All-Star stated in his postgame news conference. “So I don’t get it.”

“It simply seems like that this point, somebody’s attempting to make a statement or an indicate flex their authority,” he said.

Durant stated Adams needs to locate a much better solution.

“Everybody out below is seeking interest, which’s what I feel the mayor wants now, some interest,” he stated. “Yet he’ll figure it out quickly. He better. But it just didn’t make any type of sense.”

The NBA celebrity kept in mind that under the new rules, there are “unvaxxed individuals in the building already, we got a guy that can enter into our building, I presume. Are they fearing our security?”

His profits was that the dissonance in the policies requires to be fixed.

“We’re all puzzled. Virtually everybody on the planet is puzzled at this …


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